Spider Leg Vein


Spider Leg Vein

Spider veins can appear for a variety of conditions such as pregnancy, menopause or other hormonal fluctuations or valvular incompetence. They can also occur from prolonged standing or sitting with bent or crossed legs or with obesity.

Sclerotherapy is the procedure most commonly used to treat the spider veins on legs. Injection therapy with Aschlera received FDA -approval for use in the United States in 2010, however, it has been used for treatments in Europe for nearly 40 years!

Spider Leg Vein

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  • There are 2 types of veins that can be resolved with injection therapy: uncomplicated spider veins (very small red or purple spider veins ≤ 1 mm in diameter) and reticular veins (blue-green veins < 3mm).
  • Asclera( pilodocinol) is a solution that irritates the interior walls of the vein, causing them to constrict and close. This prevents the flow of blood through the affected vein and can effectively eliminate the swelling, bulging, discomfort and discoloration which may be cosmetically unpleasant.

What Results Can I
Expect From Spider Vein Treatments?

  • Following the success of the injection, compression is advisable to avoid further bleeding, bruising or vein refills. This can be achieved simply with tape to the local area or compression wraps for the larger veins.
  • Often, results are immediate and can be visibly seen as the solution is injected!
  • It is advisable to walk and exercise as usual after a sclerotherapy treatment and to avoid hot baths, saunas or spas for a week. The tape is removed in 48-72 hours and a follow-up visit is suggested 3-6 weeks after the first treatment.