Acne Scar


Acne Scar

Although acne is most prevalent in teenagers due to hormonal changes, adults are also affected by the condition. Regardless of your age, the appearance of lesions is very noticeable and unattractive, especially on your face, shoulders, chest, and back. When inflammation and scarring result, NexMed Body has treatment solutions that might include a combination of therapies, time and patience.

Acne Scar

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What Treatments Are Available To Treat Acne Scars?

  • At NexMed Body, we treat acne and acne scarring with Restorative Stem Cell therapy – a medical-grade microneedling treatment with AnteAge growth factors and cytokines.
  • If indicated, scars might be treated with intralesional injections as an adjunct therapy.
  • Following the remission of active acne and improvement of skin texture with a microneedling series, the remaining scars are meticulously treated with Bellafill.
  • AnteAge skin care products help to restore collagen, regenerate cell metabolism and rejuvenate the pigmentation results of acne.
Acne Scar

Am I A Candidate For Acne Scar Treatments?

  • There are two main types of acne scars: Hypertrophic or keloid scars. These scars are caused when the body produces too much collagen as acne wounds heal, resulting in raised tissue on the skin.
  • Atrophic or depressed scars develop when there is a loss of tissue. “Boxcar” scars are depressed areas usually round or oval in shape with angled sides, similar to chickenpox scars. These types of scars are more likely to be treated successfully than “ice pick” scars.
  • A personalized consultation will help design the best solution for acne scar