Body Contouring



Ditch the double chin with the FDA-approved, Kybella. Say good-bye to chins, jowls and targeted body fat that is bothering, embarrassing and stubborn! A Quick, simple procedure for permanent fat reduction.

Fat Reduction And Skin Tightening

Get Back In Shape Again At Any Age

Men are especially prone to accumulating fat in the belly, flanks, and back. Even when losing weight, unsightly areas of loose or sagging skin can appear. The Exilis ULTRA addresses both fat and loose skin safely and effectively to achieve a toned, fit torso.
What Are The Benefits Of The Exilis Ultra Treatments?

  • Spot reduction without surgery.
  • An easy way to target resistant fat that exercise and dieting overlooks.
  • No after-care or modification of daily routines after treatments.
  • Fast onset of results that gradually improve over 8- 12 weeks.
Body Contouring

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