George Taylor

MD Medical Director

Dr George Taylor

Dr. George Taylor is a University of Michigan and UCLA trained physician whose first 25 years of practice was as a board certified pediatric, obstetrical and surgical anesthesiologist at St. Joseph and Children’s Hospital in Orange, California. Following a sports injury, his career transitioned to diabetes, wound care, and the use of human stem cells in aesthetics, skincare, hair restoration, and women’s health.

Dr. Taylor writes and lectures internationally on the use of growth factors and cytokines – the specialized bio-signaling molecules produced by nearly all types of cells. He is a physician co-founder of Cellese Regenerative Therapeutics of Irvine, California, creator of the AnteAGE® and AnteAGE MD brands of skin, hair and feminine products and co-author of the popular blog site He has served as a venture capital scientific liaison and executive in four pharmaceutical startups.