Hand Rejuvenation


Hand Rejuvenation

When hands begin to show the tendons and veins, appear wrinkled and sun-damaged, or show the loss of collagen, then Hand Rejuvenation therapy can restore fullness and reduce the signs of aging.
In addition to adding volume to the back of the hands with dermal fillers. NexMed Body offers other anti-aging products and treatments to complement the appearance of aging hands.

Hand Rejuvenation

Our Therapy

The fat in our hands diminishes as we get older. This causes the skin on the hands to appear more translucent – calling attention to the tendons and veins. Driving, sports and outdoor lifestyles in varied weather also affect the elasticity on the hands. The following treatments can regain a more youthful look.

  • Dermal fillers to replace the volume loss, such as RESTYLANE LYFT.
  • Promote a neo-collagenesis with RADIESSE or Sculptra
  • Erase sun-damage and age spots with Micron-needling and stem cell infusions
Hand Rejuvenation

What To Expect With Hand Rejuvenation Therapy

  • Expect an immediate improvement with treatments of dermal fillers.
  • Anticipate a long-lasting result ( 24 months or more) with collagen-stimulating fillers such as Radiesse and Sculptra.
  • Watch the signs of sun-damage disappear and skin texture improve with a series of Micron-needling treatments using stem cells and growth factors.