Kybella is an FDA- approved injectable that destroys accumulated localized fat. It contains a naturally occurring active ingredient found in the body, called deoxycholic acid that aids in the breakdown of fat. Once destroyed, these cells can no longer store fat, meaning that the fat destroyed does not return. Maintenance treatments are not necessary once the desired result is achieved.


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What Benefits Can I Expect From Kybella?

  • KYBELLA  is a minimally-invasive treatment that effectively implodes fat cells. Results recognized within 2-4 weeks after the swelling resolves. 
  •  The body’s lymphatic system naturally provides the circulation needed to absorb the destroyed fat cells and repair the area.
  • Commonly, any areas that show excessive subcutaneous fat can be safely treated – such as the back bra fat, love handles, lower abdominal fat, and gluteal folds.

What Can I Expect With A Kybella Treatment?

  • The designated area is initially marked with a temporary grid for accuracy
  • Most injection procedures are not painful, however, several options are available to numb the area and provide additional comfort .
  • The skin will continue to tighten and contouring improve for 12-16 weeks after each session.