Scar Therapy


Scar Therapy

Not every scar needs to be treated but often, they are unkind reminders of something less pleasant. When the body heals a wound or incision, an abnormal amount of collagen and other extracellular proteins can leave a thickened or disfiguring scar.

These dermal fibrotic scars can be treated effectively by a professional provider to flatten the height of a scar, improve pigmentation, redness or thickness or to release the banding that creates a concavity.

Scar Therapy

Eliminate The Embarrassment Of Scars

At NexMed Body , our professionals have treatments to flatten raised scars, reduce or eliminate depressions or concavities and improve pigmentation changes caused by injuries, surgeries or pregnancy. These might include :

  • Acne Scars
  • C-section Scars
  • Scars From Surgery Or Injury
Scar Therapy

What Can I Expect From Scar Therapy Treatments?

Ultimately, the intention of scar therapy is to improve the appearance of the skin and scar quality. Depending on the type of scar and its characteristics, a treatment plan will be reviewed after a consultation and review. Often, intralesional injections done weekly for several sessions can improve appearance, height and thickness of a scar and microneedling treatments with reparative stem cells or a photomechanical device ( Cellutone) can improve pigmentation loss or redness.